Happy find!

I shot some pics a while ago for Hasselblad on their new, insanely cool CFV digital back for their iconic V-system cameras. After I completed the shoot I sent the files over and sent the kit back (although I did beg to keep it a little longer!)

Anyways that was a couple months back and today I was just checking through their brochure app and found 3 of my pics in there. 🙂


Those of you who have met me will know I have my Hasselblad camera tattooed on my arm and an pretty much a total fan girl when it comes to their kit. I know it’s expensive and heavy and probably not the fastest. But there is something amazing about the images it produces. The dynamic range captured on their new sensor (a sony 50 megapixel cmos sensor) is just incredible. You can pull details out of almost every shadow or highlight and the crisp images are just amazing.
Especially impressive since these were shot through lenses designed in the 60s that don’t have any of the modern coatings we rely on to remove so much glare and stray light.

So yes as I was saying I’m a big Hasselblad fan and you never know, one day I may even have the cash to buy one of their new digital ones too…or a small house in France…I think they’re about the same price.
In the mean time I’m just stoked to see a camera system I love so much being represented by some images I took. 🙂

(Ps the digital brochure can be downloaded with Hasselblad’s new iPad app.)


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