Fun With Faux Fur: shoot for Spanglewear

So today I had a last minute shoot for my friends clothing company called Spanglewear.
Originally we had intended to shoot earlier this week but time constraints and illness meant the day was postponed. Anyway today with pretty much no planning, no models, no MUA and no sleep last night either we managed to stick together a little shoot.
My stylist friend Giulianna (you can find her blog here) helped with the lighting today and a photographer friend of mine Sian took the plunge and modelled for us.

We had just under an hour to get the shots. The weather was bleak so I’m glad they didn’t want to get any “wintery” shots! We quickly set up the studio. Single light with a softbox positioned to camera right, silver reflector to camera left exactly mirroring the softbox’s angle of approach and a strobe behind the model at 45degrees for a kicker. Exceedingly simple set up and just using a basic understanding of the inverse square law allows you to adjust the position of the lights until the shadows fall off the way you want. (if you don’t know the inverse square law check back after christmas because I’ll do a post about it and how you can use it to calculate the position of your lights)

spanglewear fashion shoot 3

As a rule, I normally don’t do shoots that I have not had time to plan. I try to steer clear of doing anything that isn’t thought through and contains at least a little bit of inspiration. But today was fun.
There’s always something nice about working with good people and making it up as you go that gives off a certain kind of energy. Sometimes, I guess, I must get so wrapped up in what I want to achieve that I may not be as sociable in the studio as I should be. But this shoot had more laughs than dress changes and we made some great pictures too. Not a bad way to spend my afternoon.

There are three things I learned from today.
1. That photographers are very good at taking direction when they’re models
2. That this one can’t do a cheeky grin without bursting into laughter
and 3. That there is not a big enough supply of coffee in the Papertank building.

So why I am I writing this? Partly just as a journal entry but also because it occurred to me that so many of us spend our time planning every detail of every shoot and often things hinge on what anyone not involved in photography might think of as a trivial difference…And yet now and then (if you have a friend who’s also a client) it can be fun to just go with the flow.
I’m lucky, I work with a great team, and it seems that even when they can’t stop taking the piss they still produce good results.
55mins and we got 14 completed shots of 9 looks and a lot of laughs. No pressure, no brief and basic kit. Was a fun day!

Bonny's clothes-1-2


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