Photography of 2015

So here is my first post of the new year.
I’m currently hiding from the cold in my local coffee shop and borrowing their wifi since BT’s “ultrafast” service at my home is worse than dial up!

Anyway, over the last few days I’ve heard a lot of “new year! New me!” type comments. The usual assortment of resolutions both comical and serious. And of course the obligatory surge in instagram pictures of protein shakes and new running shoes….That may or may not be totally forgotten about by the 1st of Feb.

But it got me thinking about the idea of fresh starts and motivation behind the goals.
It seems that inherently we all want a change. A few less lbs, achieve more than last year, get that job/promotion you’re after, or leave the job that you so desperately hate.
All things that could be achieved at any point in the year….So why do we settle for the mediocrity for the other 11 months?

The comfort of the familiar probably has a lot to do with it. Couple that with responsibilities, bills and social expectations and more often than not it seems to be the best plan to stick with the safe option rather than go for what you want. And it turns out that we behave this way in business too.
The clients we don’t want to work for we still hang on to because it’s easier than cutting them out. The jobs that we don’t enjoy we still do because it seems safer than turning work down. And the similarities continue… So I thought, What should be my business new years resolutions?

I moved away to be a fashion and portrait photographer and I’ve made a good start with some international clients, magazine editorials and worldwide ad campaigns. But there is definitely room for improvement!
I’m not saying these goals should be for everyone, and honestly I don’t even know if they will work for me! (You’ll have to keep following to find out) But this is the little list of guidelines for my approach to photography in 2015.

1. Don’t take on jobs you won’t enjoy just for the cash.
2. Seek out the clients you really want to work for! The ones who peek your interest.
3. Stop spending huge amounts on coffee in starbucks/costa/cafe nero, etc
4. Only listen to appropriate criticism. (I wrote a post on this a while back)
5. Spend more time taking pics and less time on twitter. It’s addictive and I love it but social media is a huge time drain as far as ROI with regards to marketing goes.
6. Build more hand made lighting modifiers and stuff that no one else has.
& finally 7. Seek more mutually beneficial cross industry partners.


I’m sure there are people out there who would look at my business plan and come up with a hundred potential solutions and improvements but for the moment these will have to do.
I guess the main thing I’m aiming for is to evaluate each decision on its own merits rather than just accepting the mediocrity because it’s there.

I’d be interested to hear if any of my followers have any interesting resolutions for this year.
And of course, I hope you all have a fantastic 2015 and that you achieve everything you want to.

Happy new year!


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