Dreamingless Magazine Editorial

In November I got my fantastic team together to shoot a festive editorial for Dreamingless Magazine. My stylist Giuliana managed to pull in some great clothes and Jane worked her magic as an MUAH.
We put together some mood boards and began to design the set and the looks.

The models featured were Jon Supajirawatananon from First Models & Alexa Morden (who is an actress known for her tv and film work – keep your eyes peeled for her in an east end gangster flick coming in 2015)

I have worked with Jon before and he’s always spot on in front of the camera and totally relaxed and fun during the whole process. Alexa was a bit new to the way we were shooting but she totally nailed it and bought her acting skills in to give the interaction between the two of them a genuine feeling.

To make it festive I made a suspended back drop from holly branches and back lit it to give a diffused kick light through the leaves. You can kinda see what I mean in this shot of the super short Giuliana reaching up to adjust Jon’s hood.


One thing I didn’t realise is that you are not meant to take wild holly from hedges and such. So after scouring my garden and only finding one bin bag full I had to find another source.
Luckily there is an old church about a mile from me with a largely un managed grave yard that was full of holly bushes. After trying to find the appropriate people to ask permission and coming up blank (and with only a day before the shoot) I found myself at 5am sneaking around the place “borrowing” some holly and trying not to trip over anything in the semi darkness.

(About a week after the shoot I found the church warden and said what I had done, Luckily they didn’t mind at all but I would still recommend trying to get permission before acquiring foliage from private areas)


Anyway, after the trouble of getting all the backdrop material I was really pleased with how it came out.
We also shot outside but the weather wasn’t being very favourable to us so we only managed a few shots before everyone was cold and shivering.


The shoot was a big success and a month later was published in Dreamingless with a bunch of other fantastic features from different photographers around the UK.
It is easy to forget sometimes that the image you see in a magazine has so much planning behind it. Without my team being as amazing as they were I have no doubt these images wouldn’t even be worth publishing!
So next time you’re thumbing through a fashion magazine don’t forget to look for the stylist and MUA credits too. Because without them the images just wouldn’t be the same.

10904794_10152992471654367_1099618695_n 10904802_10152992471649367_1402015750_n 10887942_10152992471704367_477746552_n

And for those that want to know, my set up for the day was:
Canon 5dmk2 &24-70
Hasselblad 500C/M with 150
Canon T with 50
And twin 400 studio heads and a couple of reflectors.

MUA – Jane Crowhurst
Stylist – Giuliana Noschese


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