Vintage Life Magazine – Some more published work

A bit before christmas I was lucky enough to shoot a great model called Mylene Vaeringstad as part of a 1940’s style look with amazing MUA Jane Crowhurst (who I also worked with on the Dreamingless editorial)

The idea of the shoot was just to experiment with different looks and lights but since it was really short notice we didn’t book a studio. Infact all the shots were taken in Jane’s house in Hackney. The majority were shot actually in her hallway.

By keeping the lights close to the subject we managed to get enough fall off to darken out the background enough and used lighting set ups similar to those used by photographers like Horst & Halsman who used to have to work using constant lights such as employed on film sets.

In fact the reason that so many of the old photos look like film lighting is because it was cheaper for production houses like Warner Bros to pay a photographer to take several stills in those lighting conditions than it was to make a test reel for every actress. This allowed them to judge their appearance on film without the costly business of actually filming them.

Anyway, considering we only had enough power points for one light at a time and we were limited on space and backdrops due to the shape of the hallway I think these came out pretty well.

A bit later in the year I got an email from Jane saying that the shots had been published in UK magazine Vintage Life! Not bad for a spontaneous shoot, and especially unlike me since I like to have everything planned and sorted before I even pick up a camera!

Anyways here is one of my favourite shots from the shoot. And you can pick up Vintage Life in most WHSmiths 🙂



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