Alexa Star – Model feature in Photoshoot Magazine

Just a quick post.
A while ago I was working with Alexa to test out Hasselblad’s brand new CFV-50c digital back for their V-system cameras. These cameras are not only iconic but also my favourite camera ever made. Totally mechanical, medium format modular construction in a smooth black and chrome packacge. Just using them makes you feel like the shots are going to be amazing even before the films been developed!


Anyways the new digital back for them replaces the original 120mm film back with a 50 megapixel CMOS sensor. IT. IS. INCREDIBLE!
I was in heaven. Shooting tethered to my laptop allowed me to see the huge beautiful images appear as we shot and I was like a kid being shown a magic trick. They were amazingly crisp and perfect! I was blown away! and even more so when I realised that the CFV back was so new that instead of a serial number it had “prototype 4” stamped on the bottom!


Anyways it turns out that some of these shots have since been published in Photoshoot Magazine. So here is the tear sheet 🙂



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