Working With Hasselblad.

So as I may have mentioned earlier, I have a major fan girl problem when it comes to hasselblad equipment. It may be absurdly expensive and probably not as fast or easy to use as some of the leading DSLRs but when it comes to my ultimate dream equipment Pretty much all the kit would have that brand on it.

Incredible things like their true focus system and series of lenses are just out of this world in their performance.
Even when shooting with my 500C/M and the old lenses the images are still coming out razor sharp and able to use a sync speed of 1/500th with my studio kit!
For a camera designed in the 50s thats pretty impressive.

Anyway, When I first came over to the UK I was lucky enough to be asked to make some marketing materials for my favourite camera system and their brand new 50megapixel digital back.
Essentially the new digital back allows me to use my old hasselblad camera in the studio or on location and produce images the same quality as the brand new digital medium format cameras available.

I’ll do another post about this particular shoot in the future.
But for now, here is some screen shots of my work which is available to download from the iPad App Store.




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