Film grain…Love or hate?

Most of the time I will be using strobes or studio lighting to control the environment around my subject. I operate at the lowest possible ISO (asa) and tend to expose slightly to the right if shadows are heavy to reduce any noise later. However I borrowed an old Nikon F series camera with a combined light meter prism bit on it. Unlike my handheld light meter or my DSLR with spot metering I was only able to take an average for the entire scene. I didn’t think much of it since I was in a hurry to test out the camera but the results it produced on Ilford FP4 125asa film were interesting. Specifically the shadows contained a lot more grain than I expected and due to my over all metering the shots had a slight under exposure which obviously made the shadows deeper.

Although it’s not a look I would use on any commercial shoot, and until now one I have actively tried to avoid, I still think it has a kinda cool aesthetic.
Here are some of the shots for you guys to have a look at. So let me know your opinion on film grain.
Does it make shadows more textured and interesting? OR is it a distraction that should be avoided?

(All shot on Nikon F series SLR with 50mm f2 lens using Ilford 125 FP4) bw7 bw-8 bw-9 bw-10 bw-11 bw


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