Back from the winter.

So I’ve been away for a snowboard season in the alps and had kind of cut myself off from the outside world while I was there. It is surprisingly uplifting to not read a newspaper or watch any tv for months. I think it’s a habit I’ll keep up.

Anyway, photography wise I’ve been a little out of my comfort zone. Surrounded by beautiful landscapes and huge mountains that a camera doesn’t seem to do justice to. Aside from a few great photos I’ve never been a huge landscape fan. I guess because I believe these things are better explored in person.

But in the interest of sharing some stuff I’ll pop up a couple of shots from my time in the mountains. Don’t worry, I’ll be back doing the portraiture and fashion work asap.
If you are into landscapes though I would highly recommend the alps in late January as they are incredibly beautiful.

Due to weight restrictions on my travels I took a lot of these shots with an Olympus OMD rather than my normal (and a little heavy) Canon.



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